Painful Developmental Experiences:

Neglected, not listened to, physical abuse, sexual abuse, criticized/judged, pressure to achieve, parent alcoholic, parent alcoholic/drug addict, parents overly fearful, parents fighting, not nurtured, shamed, ignored, lack of attention, emotionally disturbed parent, not protected from abusive family members, treated poorly by siblings, feelings not heard or respected, lack of love, little or no affection, abandoned, rejected, etc.

Encapsulated Traumas

Accident, rape, terrorist attack, physical trauma, fired from job, hospitalization, abandonment, crime victim or witness, child harmed, surgery, diagnosis, prognosis,

Divorce proceedings, spouse or partner had an affair, robbed, etc.

Many of these painful experiences make an indelible imprint on our subconscious and I have methods to help you clear your limbic system of the stress that can create ongoing and troubling symptoms.


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