In addition to dealing with psychological and relationship issues, Dr. Grayson has been instrumental in assisting people in eliminating many physical symptoms. When any of us develop a physical symptom, such as: back pain, headaches, skin disorders, digestive problems, and even more serious problems our first thought is that we should go to a doctor. However, often times, the doctor will only deal with eliminating the symptom, not the cause.

Dr. Grayson has created an effective approach to get to the CAUSE of your symptoms using his decades of clinical experience, formal education in traditional psychoanalysis and psychology, along with  cutting edge evidence based energy psychology methods to heal and most often times end the vicious cycle of pain and dis-ease.

Many of us, if not all of us, don’t consider going to a mental health professional when we are in the process of trying to heal ourselves physically. However, our mind/body are fully connected to each other. Our mind or consciousness is responsible not only for our thoughts but for the physiological responses in our body, most often caused by mental stress. In fact, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, at least 80% of symptoms taken to primary care physicians are stress related. Therefore, it should make perfect sense to address the mind’s role in our physical ailments and adaptive mental activity in order to reduce the stress and stop our physical symptoms.

Our brains, on the other hand, are responsible for instructing the body, and is the epicenter of the nervous system. We want to keep our brains durable so that we can have stronger abilities equaling higher functioning. We do this by re-training the brain. Dr. Grayson’s Synergetic Therapy exercises the brain’s neuro plasticity and actually forms new neuro pathways which form new habits and more productive and healthier ways of being.

Dr. Grayson has worked with clients on chronic physical discomfort, diagnosis and disease (whether minor or major) and has found that the symptoms have been greatly lessened or eliminated with the proper attention to the mind. These symptoms will need to be addressed each time they occur. In working with Dr. Grayson, you will learn to translate the language expressed in your developing symptom or illness and use methods to reverse stressors and disturbances that unconsciously created the unproductive thought patterns and false beliefs that contribute to sustaining dis-ease. He will also help you identify healing rituals to continue to use once you harness the power of your mind to heal, using the body’s instant messaging system, the neuropeptides.



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