Grayson’s Synergetic Therapy

Dr. Henry Grayson has always been interested in determining what form of therapy is most helpful for different people and different problem areas. He has studied most of the major psychotherapies, the new sciences, the world’s philosophies and spiritual wisdom, as well as energetic systems. While in postdoctoral training to become certified as a psychoanalyst, he founded the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, a postgraduate training institute in New York City, which reflected his vision for an integrative approach to helping people overcome their problems, he had already discovered that any single approach to therapy was not effective for all people nor all problem areas, and that different therapies attended more effectively to different problems and for different people. Hence, he draws from psychoanalysis, CBT, Gestalt Therapy, hypnosis, bioenergetics analysis, the newer therapies (EMDR, EFT, TFT, and TAT), mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and others integrating them into a cohesive model which he not only practices, but also teaches around the country and abroad.

Central in any successful therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. There must be an atmosphere of non-judging acceptance, safety, active listening, compassion, understanding, authenticity, humor, and avoiding diagnostic labels which tend to box people in. And of course, there is a genuine caring for the welfare and healing of the other person while holding a deep belief in the person’s limitless potentiality for healing: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We do not make the suffering real.

A synergetic approach goes beyond the diverse therapies, for synergetic is defined as “the simultaneous action of separate agencies which, together, have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.” Why is this so? Because there are not, in fact, separate agencies but in synergy we bring the re-membering of the whole.

Albert Einstein stated it poignantly: “A human being is part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection of only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living things and all of nature.”

Grayson’s Synergetic Therapy views the egoic mind as that part of our thinking which creates this illusion of separateness and therefore destroys our peace of mind, judges ourselves and others, makes us anxious, powerless, afraid, depressed, deprived, physically sick, makes us focus on bemoaning the past or fearing the future and avoid living joyfully and successfully now. Since 90-95% of our ego mindbody is not conscious to us, the goal of therapy, therefore, is to help one “dis-cover” many different ways one can identify the egoic voice, learn tools for letting it go, and therefore continually release all that prevents us from having a life abundant with peace, health, joy, success, and loving relationships even when there is insanity and tragedy in the world about us.


Stress is a large part of our lives. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that as many as 80% of office visits to primary care physicians are from people whose symptoms are stress induced. And research shows that stress is not as much from what happens, but from what we think about events, circumstances and people. Synergetic therapy offers multiple ways of dealing with stress: In addition, the above methods used for clearing are quite effective for reducing stress. Also incorporating mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques, self hypnosis, meditation, energy psychology techniques (acupressure point stimulation on oneself, the thymus-heart rub, thought monitoring, and practices to surrender the ego mind and open ourselves to Higher Guidance inside creates a mindbody environment conducive to health, happiness and success.

Learning new behaviors and attitudes to replace old habituated ones are not always easy. Therefore, Synergetic Therapy recognizes that we must open new neural pathways in order for new habits and patterns to become assimilated. Certain visualization practices combined with energy meridian therapy or bilateral stimulation of the brain, including the Occipital Hold Technique, are used to open this flow of new and positive information to make the new behaviors flow more easily and therefore become habituated.

Using all these practices helps to free us from the ego mind, accessing more of our inner power and wisdom, thereby helping us begin to dis-cover our True Self which may have been long hidden from our awareness- the Self which is part of the All-That-Is. Many of the practices used in this Synergetic Therapy can also be used alone for personal growth, so that we have the tools to deal with many situation and problems on our own, ongoingly.

Instead of the old deterministic and limiting world view of Newtonian physics, he draws from a world view of infinite potentiality as presented in Quantum Physics and world wide spiritual wisdom as well as exercises from the yogic traditions such as mindfulness, meditation and deep breath work. He also uses all the symptoms and signals in the body as a language to be translated and understood, not just as a problem to get rid of. This and applied kinesiology provide a road to the unconscious and freedom from it. 

Why Talk Therapy alone may not be as effective:

Clients may hold onto difficulties by only talking about disturbing events, therefore rehearsing often without changing the energetic pattern of the vicious cycle of pain associated with the situation.

Simply getting insights or instructions on how to process or perceive a situation often doesn’t provide the patient with deeper knowledge as to why they continue to operate unproductively or carry reoccurring symptoms (most often unconsciously.) People need useful tools in their sessions or methods that they can implement daily on their own to enhance change.

Dr. Grayson  engages you in a deeply caring and respectful way and helps people to incorporate ongoing self-healing in their lives to enhance everyday happiness, success, and to improve their physical and emotional healing:

He uses a powerful combination of methods to quicken and deepen transformation and growth

Grayson’s Synergetic Therapy holds that there is a place in you where:

  • Happiness, health, peace and joy are boundless
  • you cannot be disturbed by what others do or don’t do
  • there is an inner strength and power that prevents your feeling like a victim of people, 
situations and even your own genes
  • you never have to feel empty, but always full of love
  • you have infinite inner creativity and power to direct and heal your life


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