Weekend Seminar offering 11 CECs to LCSWs, LMHCs, and Psychologists

Friday: Registration is at 2:30– Program Begins 3PM– Program Ends 7 PM

Saturday: Program Resumes 9 AM Lunch 12:30 Program Resumes 1:45 Program Ends  5 PM

A powerful combination to quicken and deepen transformation and growth

Use body signals and symptoms to heal emotionally and physically

Discover how the mind rules over genes

A cohesive treatment model easily used with most forms of therapy and world wide spiritual wisdom

Identify prevalent, but mostly unconscious barriers to healing and quick effective ways of eliminating them

Why Should I Attend?

As practitioners, we can explain theories as to whey they continue to carry their burden, yet despite clear explanations that apply to their challenges people tend to remain stuck repeating the same negative behavior patterns.

Simply giving instructions on how to process or perceive a situation doesn’t provide the patient with deeper knowledge as to why they continue to operate unproductively or carry the same symptoms (most often unconsciously)- and tools to change it.

Who Should Attend?

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Counselors, Nurses, Pastoral Counselors, and anyone wanting to take charge of their lives and health

There is a Systematic Formula

1.    Identify the problem or symptom
2.    Identify the cause/origination of the problem (quite often, genetic trauma, negative belief, parental download, secondary gain, negative emotion, etc.)
3.    Remove the encoded celluIar information (traumas, downloads, painful experiences and disturbances) that need to keep the ego-based (imagined) protective/survival mechanism
4.    Clear the negative conclusion (belief) which grew out of the painful experiences
5.    Replace the negative belief or thought pattern associated with the behavior or symptom with a new positive belief to open new neural pathways (brain plasticity)
6.    Ongoing practices to create new habits/behavior in mindbody. (Occipital Hold, Meditation, Thought Monitoring, Deep Breathing, First Aid Clearings, etc.)

Exercising the Brain for Optimal Performance

It is essential that we take the necessary steps when facing a problem if we desire complete mindbody healing. To become a world-class athlete one must rigorously train the body. For one to become peaceful, healthy and happy, one must exercise the brain just as thoroughly. Just as an athlete trains his muscles to respond, grow and perform, the brain or psychological self/brain must be given the same repetitious focus. Some want to only opt for an external/temporary fix with medication or an escapist activity. The bandaid will only affix itself for as long as it remains sticky, just as the pill will only remain effective until it wears off. Until one addresses each step when facing a disturbance the brain/person will not re-orient itself for lasting change.  You cannot run a marathon before you train incrementally as there are steps that one needs to take to prepare the body for physical endurance, just as there are exercises or steps to acquire the mental durability that life demands.

You will Learn:

How to effectively implement the new power therapies such as: Grayson’s powerful innovations on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFTA), Tapas Acupressure Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and adaptations of EMDR.

First Aid measures to deal with negative emotions.

Why childhood and other traumas and stresses often predispose us to serious adult illnesses

Why we get sick, the powerful role of beliefs, traumas, thoughts, secondary gains, downloads, family beliefs, etc. & how to change the ego chatter in our minds, and how to help our clients do the same with an 18 second exercise.

The limiting definitions of the self or ego as defined in psychology and the limitless understanding of Self from a spiritual perspective & how the therapist’s understanding of Self affects the therapeutic process and outcome in profound ways.

Six questions I ask myself when I get a physical symptom & How to use the Self Assessment Questionnaire for self healing.

Insights from new discoveries in biology, quantum physics, brain scan studies, neuropsychology and the implications for healing the mind, body and spirit.

Skills that you can immediately begin to apply to help yourself and your clients

New Approaches to Identify and Eliminate Hidden Barriers to Healing

Methods for complete Mindbody healing

Interactive Demonstrations and Practice

Gain a New Perspective About Our Bodies’ Signs and its Connection to Healing the Mind

Most recent comments from participants:

What did you like most about seminar?

“Hands on practice demonstrations, comprehensive, on-point, group interaction,unique approach to topic, introduced me to a new therapeutic technique, information was thorough, dialogue about the theories, the focus on being whole and healthy, learning about how the mind affects health, examples and practice, so many take aways from one workshop”

What did you like most about instructor?

“Wildly knowledgeable, knows how to facilitate a long day, very approachable, caring, wonderful attitude, presentation, dignity and kindness, wonderful presence, very open and engaging, his energy and humbleness, great guy, good speaker and demonstrator of techniques, gentle, compassionate relationship style, anecdotes, humor, and depth of experience”

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