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  • Henry Grayson, Your Power to Heal, Dr. Henry Grayson,

Your Power to Heal

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Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

The power of our thoughts is evidenced in our unconscious attachment to our illness or diagnosis, which can act as a huge barrier to healing. Our sickness can easily become a part of our identity, part of who and what we think we are. How can we begin to let go of our cherished identity? We’re often quite possessive of our diagnosis, referring to them almost profoundly: my allergies, my asthma, my diabetes, my bad heart, my weight problem, my heart condition and so on. These identifications with illness are further reinforced when a doctor makes a diagnosis, which is really a pronouncement suggesting ownership: Such labels along with the words, “my” or “have,” reinforce the idea that we own an illness like we would a house or car. We want to protect things we own. Some illnesses can be sometimes be an identification with or allegiance to family illnesses or an attachment to a solution to one of our “needs”, which can complicate our ability to let go of an illness.

In Your Power to Heal, Dr. Grayson explains this phenomena and gives you tools that can help you to improve your ability to heal your body with a healthy mind.


I I finished reading your book and I must say…it is terrific. I have been using it to help myself and have recommending it to many friends, relatives and , of course, patients. Good luck marketing it-the world needs your wonderful upbeat message. I know you are well!


Your Power to Heal

Product Description

Henry Grayson, Your Power to Heal, Dr. Henry Grayson,

Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health


Your Essential How-To Guide for Self-Healing

The greatest medical breakthrough in recent years isn’t the creation of a new drug or treatment—it’s the discovery of how much your mind affects your health. With Your Power to Heal, Dr. Henry Grayson offers a treasury of techniques and insights to help you harness the mindbody connection. “When we can identify and change the inner voices that keep us feeling powerless,” writes Dr. Grayson, “we can go beyond treating just symptoms or relying on doctors to fix us. We have far greater potential to heal than we realize.”

In this practical guidebook, Dr. Grayson presents life-changing insights and effective tools anyone can use, including:

  • The new physics of healing—the ever-expanding body of research that reveals our untapped capacity for self-healing
  • Simple tips to nip many symptoms in the bud as they start
  • Self-assessment questionnaires to help you locate and change subconscious beliefs and disturbances
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique for resolving trauma and restoring your vitality
  • Thought Field Therapy to clear the blockages in your body’s energy system that are impeding health
  • Why therapy, diets, and exercise regimens often fail—and how to make them succeed

You don’t need years of meditation practice to use your mind to improve your health. Your Power to Heal is an invaluable resource to help you harness the power of your own thoughts, transform illness at its source instead of just alleviating symptoms, and start taking charge of your health today.

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