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Date(s) - 14/10/2017
8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Westport Inn, 1595 Post Road East, Westport, CT, 06880


Synergetic Therapy, A Workable Model for Psychotherapy Integration (Integrating the New Sciences, Spirituality, Mindfulness, and Energy Psychology into Diverse Psychotherapies and Psychoanalysis)

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Saturday, October 14, 2017, Westport Inn, 1595 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880 

Registration is at 8:30 AM

Sessions are: 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:45 pm to 6 pm

*NASW/CT Provides 7 1/2 hours of continuing education credit hours for this Saturday Class

Licensed Social Workers    Mental Health Counselors    Licensed Psychologists  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

New Solutions for:

Clearing all barriers to health, happiness, and success

Clearing and repairing developmental and adult traumas

Clearing the old “software” of negative core beliefs

Changing old negative parental “downloads”

Installing new beliefs to live by

Freedom from Negative Emotions

Transcend depression and anxiety without drugs

Changing unproductive thought patterns quickly

Opening new neural pathways for behavioral change

Embracing your intrinsic spiritual power

Goals of the Program

Present a cohesive and easily workable model for in depth psychotherapy integration, bringing the most effective components fir different problem areas form the diverse therapies.

Present a new world view for psychotherapy based on the new sciences of neuroscience, quantum physics, spiritual wisdom (such as mindfulness), and how this world view expands the possibilities of psychotherapy and personal growth.

Present evolving ways we can access the unconscious mind which houses early developmental traumas that dramatically influence our adult lives today.

Present the newer evidence based methods for clearing out past traumas, negative beliefs, and parental “downloads” which effect our emotional and physical health, relationships and work. (EMDR, EFT and others) (the APA has approved Energy Psychology methods as evidenced based).

Present a number of tools one can use to reduce stress and therefore reduce illnesses (since the New England Journal of Medicine states that 80% or more of our symptoms taken to primary care doctors are stress-related)

The painful experiences of childhood (developmental traumas) not only remain encoded in the limbic system and other parts of the body until cleared, but accumulate and weaken us emotionally and physically, distract us from spiritual growth, and cause painful and repetitive patterns in our minds and bodies.

Talk therapy alone often rehearses and reinforces these traumas. We are then led to conclusions called “core beliefs”, and which work like software, “printing out” confirmation in every area of our lives until cleared. These often crystallize into unproductive identities. Participants will learn to easily identify and quickly clear out core beliefs, the effects of traumas which gave rise to them, and the old identities which keep them locked in.

Most of us say we want to be happy, successful, and healthy but often have difficulty making these happen. It’s as though we are dragging several anchors. We can now use energetic methods to quickly identify these “anchors” or blocks, where they originated, and which method we can use to effectively clear them.

When these opposing forces are cleared using one of the new “power therapies”, all forms of therapy and spiritual practices proceed more quickly and deeply. Both therapist and patient feel greater joy and excitement about their work. All of the above begins to heal our basic problem which Einstein called the “optical illusion that we are separate.”

Fee: $185 till September 16th

Fee:$195 till October 13th

Fee:$210 at the Door

To pay online click here

and then send an email to synergetictherapyinstitute@gmail.com

with your questions, concerns, CE request, full address, email and cell phone so we can contact you regarding details as we get closer to the event


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