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Date(s) - 11/11/2017 - 10/06/2018
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Norwalk INN and Conference Center


 SYNERGY: “The simultaneous action of separate agencies which, together, have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.” (Webster)

Psychotherapy Training

The art of integrating…

evidence based energy psychology, mindfulness,

positive psychology and the new sciences…

into psychoanalytic, CBT and other psychotherapy

Certificate Training Program Level 1

Westport, CT

Begins Saturday, November 11th, 2017 from 9:30 am- 3:30 pm WESTPORT, CT

One Saturday a month for 8 months, ending in June 2017

Founder and Director: Henry Grayson, Ph.D., ABPP, and DCEP
Teaching and training done by Dr. Grayson and other esteemed faculty of the Institute for Synergetic Therapy


You will learn a basic and easy to use model for psychotherapy integration, so that you easily provide the most helpful interventions for the various problem areas patients present to you. While each of the various psychotherapies have theories, interventions and techniques which are helpful, Synergetic Therapy provides a simple, cohesive and easily learned system for the integration of effective components of the diverse modalities, theories, sciences and practices to help you increasingly find your highly empowered True Self and to help others in your psychotherapy practice increasingly find their True Self, the core essence of psychotherapy.

In Synergetic Therapy training, you will:

  • bridge the mind/body divide in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
  • be exposed to new approaches to the unconscious mind
  • consider new understandings of the “self” emerging from the new sciences
  • learn the new evidence based ways to release the effects of developmental and adult traumas
  • learn new methods of identifying and changing the negative beliefs and thought patterns which grew out of those traumas, as well as negative “downloads” from parents
  • open new neural pathways for changing negative habit patterns of thought and behavior into desirable positive ones
  • learn about the new science of Epigenetics and how we may not have to be ruled by our genes
  • explore the relation of different spiritual perspectives for psychotherapy
  • expand consciousness self empowerment and self development for clinicians and clients
  • identify and release the internal blocks or barriers to healthy and consistent self care

You will also learn the in-depth importance of therapist-client relationship in psychotherapy and healing, drawing from:

  • Relational Psychoanalysis,
  • Client Centered Therapy,
  • the New Physics research and
  • understanding of “the non-local mind,” learning how every thought we have with or about our patients aids or impedes their healing and growth
  • and you will learn effective tools for you and your client to release negative thought pattern
  • You will also learn and practice:
  • energy psychology techniques, (EFT, TFT, and others)
  • bi-lateral brain and body based techniques, (such as EMDR)
  • neuroscience research regarding trauma, and new evidence based trauma treatments
  • Quantum Physics and how this contributes to a new world view of expanded potentiality.

You will learn tools from diverse spiritual traditions and will also learn tools to teach your patients to use on their own, while in therapy, and especially after they finish their therapy, in order to better continue their mindfulness,

  • visualization imagery, and meditation,
  • yogic traditions, and how the research shows how they greatly enhance the therapeutic outcome and
  • growth, & owning more of their own intrinsic power to do so–an essential and central goal in synergetic therapy.


Leader of the training and faculty is Henry Grayson, Ph.D. who will do many of the demonstrations and teach certain aspects of the other content. Other esteemed faculty teaching various aspects of the curriculum includes:

Kenneth Porter, M.D.
Charlotte Bale Wolovsky, LCSW
Janine dePeyer, LCSW
Mary Marino, Ph.D.
Lydia Denton, LCSW
Karen Arthur, LCSW


Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of One Mind, Space, Time and Medicine, Healing Beyond the Body, and Reinventing Medicine and 7 other books. Former Chief of Staff, Medical City Dallas Hospital.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D., Quantum Theoretical Physicist; Formerly full professor of Theoretical Physics and University of Oregon. Seminal book: The Self Aware Universe,and multiple other books.

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Founder and Creator of Imago Relationship Therapy. Seminal book: How To Get the Love You Want and other books.

William Tiller, Ph.D., Physicist, Chairman Emeritus, Department of Material Sciences, Stanford, University. Seminal book: Science and Human Transformation and numerous other books; Researches how the mind rules, not matter.

James L. Oschman, Ph.D., Leading researcher in the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicine. Recent books: Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance.

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