If you are having relationship issues, do any of the following beliefs feel familiar?

Yelling will get me attention, No one ever listens to me, I cannot be assertive without danger, It’s not safe to assert myself, Love is dangerous, I have to be perfect or else, I will not be listened to or acknowledged, I will inevitably be abandoned by someone I love, people will betray me, I don’t deserve to be happy, It’s not safe to express my feelings, I will be controlled or overpowered by others, I must do what everyone else wants me to do, I will be rejected if I initiate sex, I have to do it perfectly, I don’t have much to give, To argue is to connect, If I get too close I will lose myself, I’m not good enough, Communication is contentious, Fighting is a way to connect emotionally, Marriage will make me happy, Closeness or marriage is dangerous, If I show my vulnerability I will be in danger


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