Relationships of all kinds provide us with the opportunity to enter the “advanced spiritual growth” university, if used that way.  And with each lesson learned from the challenges presented, we rise to more and more moments of heavenly joy and peace.  We need these challenges on earth to be our best.

If is only because we have denied our innate identity and potential that we cannot see that we are all potentially capable of doing miraculous things attributed to people, such as Moses parting the Red Sea and bringing food from the sky, or Jesus walking on water and raising the dead, or the documented “miracles” performed by various Avatars. Those Avatars, including Sathya Sai Baba of India, have reliable and scientific witnesses of instances where they have healed the sick, raised the dead, been unaffected by lethal poisons, appeared in more than one place at the same time, materialized diverse objects, dematerialized and rematerialized themselves, changed the weather, communicated without words, known a stranger’s past and future, and so on.

Having witnessed some of these events myself, and having spoken with numerous highly reliable witnesses, I believe that these Avatars are at the core not essentially different from any of us, but are actually here to remind us of who and what we all inherently are. When we cease denying our own powers by deifying them- whether in the case of historical or current figures- we can discover, as Jesus said, that “even greater things than I have done, you will do.” It is possible that we can awaken our own Christ consciousness or Buddha nature, just as they did.

To witness miraculous events that are not limited by the body, time, or space, or even to hear about them, can be very anxiety arousing and may cause us to declare adamantly that “I don’t believe that can happen. It has to be a trick. It must be sleight of hand!” When I heard of Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles, I wanted to witness them first hand, and I did. I saw Sai Baba materialize objects, including holy ash, perfectly fitting rings, and other objects for his devotees. I also witnessed a young man with muscular dystrophy whom I had seen in a wheelchair for days, unable to sit in the chair without being strapped in securely, suddenly stand up and walk normally in response to Baba’s healing energy. In fact, continuing to see this young man walk and talk normally in the days that followed was disturbing to my sense of what is real and to be worldview where some things are possible and others are not. I found myself looking even more closely, out of my deep inner threat, hoping to discover that it was just a hoax. But I came to believe that it was only my limiting belief system that stopped me and others from living these miracles daily. If we are able to acknowledge our true identity as part of the Divine, then miracles would become the natural order of things. Their absence in our lives simply speaks of how far we have fallen into the illusion of separation. In this way, Indian culture has probably remained closer to the truth than most of the West. Once a fundamentalist Christian and a Hindu were having a heated debate, in the midst of which the Christian exclaimed, “And I suppose you don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus either!” The Hindu quietly replied, “Why should I deny Jesus’ divinity? I have never denied it any other man.” If our core identity is part of the Divine, than our creative potential is infinite, as brain researchers now believe. Again, this is not our egos that have this infinite potential, but our True Spiritual Self essence.

Pain and the Ego
When we are connected to our capacity to love by recognizing our godlike essence within, we can solve our problems in our relationships, quite often without struggle and pain. The pain comes because we keep trying to solve problems at the ego level. Pain, therefore, should be seen as just a sign of our resistance to learn, a signal, though sometimes a jolt, to wake up and become aware that we have reverted to trusting the ego’s solutions to problems, which it always complicates. When we act from a spiritual perspective, problems are solved without conflict, for all the knowledge and guidance we need to solve any problem is readily available. All we need to do is open ourselves to Love, without reservation, and it comes forth at just the right time.

Albert Einstein recognized that “our problems cannot be solved at the same level at which they were created.” The ego cannot solve our relationship problems, for they were created at that level. Only the True Self that is spirit can operate at a higher level to bring a solution that is truly workable for miraculous joy and peace.  When we know our True Self to be spirit, there is only peace, both within and with others. Attack and defense become increasingly impossible, for neither make sense anymore. Since nothing is outside of use, there is nothing outside that can harm the True Self. When we awaken from the illusion of separateness, nothing poses any threat to our peace of mind or the peace in our relationships. Only the body, perceived as separate, can be threatened; our spiritual self, connected to the Divine in the universe, cannot be threatened.

How do you create miraculous experiences in relationships?
1. When we do not try to change others to our liking
2. When we are present with whatever is happening, we no longer feel needy
3. We can see past the surface personas of people and see their inner spirit and core essence
4. Accept what is without judging it, fighting against it, or being disturbed by it
5. The moment we choose to consciously extend love
6. Anytime we feel a need for love, we extend it and we will experience Love
7. We desire nothing in return for our love because in giving it is receiving
8. When we extend compassion

It is most important to remind ourselves, especially after portraying such beautiful images of our potentiality, that we are all dealing with the human ego. We will make choices for this heavenly state one moment, but five minutes later, we may unwittingly follow the ego’s voice and plummet into misery again, feeling “done to” and discouraged.

We can choose the higher road of the True Self, again and again. The high road allows us to experience mini miracles everyday. There is no urgency to “win” some imaginary battle or to “be right.”  You simply settle into a comfortable place whereby your road brings you to peace and joy. You create little miracles each time you  decide to take the high road. You don’t feel slighted, you feel relief from the ego’s tug at your pride.

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