Henry Grayson, Ph.D.
Integrative, Spiritually based Mindbody Psychotherapist/Psychologist/Total Mindbody Healing
Use Your Body
Heal Your Mind
It is essential that we take the necessary steps when facing a problem if we desire complete mindbody healing. To become a world-class athlete one must rigorously train the body. For one to become peaceful, healthy and happy, one must exercise the brain just as thoroughly.
A true leader in his field, Dr. Grayson trains Mental Health Professionals in the US and abroad. His books inspire transformation: Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind, Mindful Loving and The New Physics of Love & his work as a leading psychologist helps individuals/couples to greaten their chances for total health and happiness.

About Henry

Henry Grayson, Ph.D. has been assisting people to heal themselves for decades in his private integrative mindbody/spirit psychotherapy in New York City and Connecticut. He has helped thousands of people become more conscious of their thoughts, how to release their painful or traumatic pasts and negative belief systems, and how their perception of themselves and others directly affect their health, happiness and reality. Having been trained in most of the major forms of psychotherapy, quantum physics, ancient spiritual wisdom, neuroscience, brain research and energy psychology, he teaches you that you have infinite power to heal and to be happy now.

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